Top 10 Things to Know About Me – Herbert Riggs

Top Ten items you should know about me.

1. Family:  I am a family man.  They are my WHY Factor, my motivation, my soul.

2. Man of Faith.  I believe in the pursuit of happiness.  I believe in humanity. I
believe in the virtues of honesty, integrity and honor.  I believe in people.  I
believe that every person has a gift and a passion.

3. Optimistic.  I have an abundance vs scarcity mentality.  When problems arise I view them as a challenge and view myself as a problem solver.

4. Invest in myself.  I am a fan of education.  I recently became an Associate
Broker via 180 hours of class room time and 8 additional hours of CE
annually.  (many realtors believe that this is too much).  I will always be up-to-date on changes in the law, profession, and industry.

5. I study trends/cycles.  I love the economic factors that move markets.  I find
that most trends are moved by human behavior.  I became a realtor in 2007 as 100’s of 1000’s let the industry because I felt I drawn the profession.  I had to learn old fashion skills of becoming a realtor.I had to learn that a realtor’s job is to build relationships not sell real estate.

6. I understand the commodity of Real Estate.  I understand housing from its foundation.  I understand how a home breathes.  I understand the economics and psychology of what moves housing.  I understand the pricing trends on any real estate property type and I  can apply this understanding in any neighborhood.

7. I have a system with clients: Listen—Educate—Be Patience—Educate again.  I am a strong advocate and I understand the legal responsibility of fiduciary duty.

8. I remove the influence of money from any discussion & advice.  I feel I honestly provide advice based on the best interest of the client.

9. I am good at reading people and I will (and have) advise a client to back-out a contract, because it was not right for them.

10.  I believe that for these reasons It took me only 5-years to be elected into the Re/Max Hall of Fame (1 million in commissions).  An accomplishment made in some of the worst years in DC Real Estate.  I feel passionate about Real Estate.  I am truly happy with what I do.